Nitiraj Premium Incense - 7 Chakra Sampler Set

Nitiraj Premium Incense - 7 Chakra Sampler Set

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Nitiraj 7 Chakras- Incense Sampler set

This is a completely natural incense, hand rolled using traditional incense making techniques which combine natural resins, wood powders, herbs, aromatic oils and coconut charcoal to create a completely clean incense with NO Chemical Dipping

Each box includes 14 incense sticks comprising of  7 Chakra Fragrance (2x incense sticks each scent)

  • Root- Patchouli & Cedar
  • Sacral- Sandalwood
  • Solar Plexus- Cinnamon
  • Heart- Jasmine & Rose
  • Throat- Lavender
  • Third Eye- Geranium & Citrus
  • Crown- Frankincense
  •  Beautiful sustainable packaging with a modern twist.
  • Full Throat Chakra- Vishudda explanation on back of each pack.

Made in India 

(Sticks only - not Dhoop or cones)

Each packet is individually sealed with 2 fragrances each of the scents

Box size: 23cm long x 5.8cm wide x 2cm

14 sticks per box


Australian Supplier