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Mindfulness products

Books to help you achieve rest, balance, calm and enjoying the moment

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Aromatherapy Products

Tantilize your sense of smell with these products, Essential Oils, Pulse Points roll-ons, electronic Diffusers, Oil Burners and Books on Aromatherapy

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Meditation products

From Books on how to meditate, crystals, eye pillows, smudge sticks, white sage, palo santo, meditation kits and aromatherapy

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Sleep Products

Variety of products to help you get that perfect night sleep, from Australian lavender, to books on sleep, eye pillow and lavender heat packs

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Children Friendly Products

Inspire, motivate, or cheep up there is an assortment of products from Children's Books, positivity cards and books, discovery journals and more

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Journals & Guided Journals

Variety of Journals for everyone in your home. From guided to to inspirational

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Complete Range of Australian Lavender Products

Lavender products, essential oils, massage Oils, lavender buds, eye pillow and heat packs, lavender bags, room reed diffusers

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Incense and smudge products

Scent your home with incense and create a truly unique atmosphere, or cleanse your space with white sage or Palo Santo for meditation.

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Crystals and Natural Gem Stones

Variety of natural gem stones from clusters, heart shaped, tumbles to charging plates and Crystal Books

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Create a relaxing atmosphere in your home or work with one of our candles

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Proudly Australian Made Products

Check out the Products that are manufactured here in Australia

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Massage Oils

Variety of Massage Oils to relax and unwind the body and mind

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Bath Soak

Have a relaxing bath with these relaxing bath soaks

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Positivity & Inspirational cards

Need an uplifting card, or want to inspire someone to make their day better. Check out the range of positivity cards or desk inspirations

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Our Complete book collection

Wanting to learn a bit more on achieving your inner peace or relaxation techniques check out these books to inspire you

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Oil burners and electronic diffuers

use your favourite essential oil in one of these electronic diffusers or traditional oil burner

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Room Air Fresheners

Allow the gentle breeze in your home to carry a relaxing aromatic scent

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Incense Holders

Try one of our incense holders to catch the ash from your favourite inscense

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