Mindfulness at Work

Mindfulness at Work

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Author - Dr Stephen McKenzie

Mindfulness at Work reveals how the practice of mindfulness — the ability to focus our attention on what is rather than be distracted by what isn’t — can be a powerful antidote to the distractions and stresses of our modern lives, especially our working lives. So, if one wants to:

reduce stress
become more productive
improve decision-making skills
enjoy better relationships with colleagues
work more creatively
develop leadership skills, and
generally enjoy the job more …
then mindfulness can help!

Written by an expert with years of both clinical and personal experience, Mindfulness at Work includes examples of mindfulness in action in the workplace, while also looking at how the principles of mindfulness can be applied to specific professions, from sales and marketing to teaching, from law to medicine, from the trades to the creative arts.

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ISBN: 9781921966194

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