Chakra Stone Kit and Guide Book Boxed Gift Set

Chakra Stone Kit and Guide Book Boxed Gift Set

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Chakra Stone Kit and Guide Book Boxed Gift Set by Monika Grundmann

Monika Grundmann is internationally renowned, for her skills and specialty in the fields of of crystals and massage and teachings in Germany.  Monika has developed this Chakra Stone set with guide book for Balancing the Energies gives insight on how to use this set at your own pace.

Each Box set contains -

  • 7 x Natural Crystals (each crystal is round and flat for easy placement on relevant chakra point)
  • Guide Book
  • Amethyst (Crown)
  • Clear Quartz Crystal (Forehead)
  • Sodalite/Blue Lace Agate (Throat) 
  • Rose Quartz (Heart) 
  • Calcite (Solar plexus)
  • Carnelian (Navel) 
  • Red Jasper (Root) 

 These crystal sets can be use by massage therapists, physiotherapists, non-medical practitioners or for personal use during rituals and meditation. They are also often used in beauty and wellness treatments. Specifically created for chakra clearing and balancing.

These gem are sold as-is condition and being a natural stone they will not be completely perfect, they have many unusual features which makes each one sold unique and different from the others.

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